Case Studies

Case Studies

Dance Across Manhattan

Kate / Dance Teacher

Kate is a dance teacher who wants to bring her students to study dance in New York City during half-term. She teaches at two different public schools and wants to bring students and teachers from both schools on the trip.

Kate had worked with us on several occasions in the past when she came to us with a tall order. Her trips had gone so well that interest grew among both her students and fellow teachers. She asked us about bringing a large group of dance students from two schools. We told Kate, “Not a problem. The more the merrier.” With close to 100 people, we wanted to make sure that her group had plenty of elbow room. We chose a time of year when her students wouldn’t contend for space and resources with other groups and we assigned two of our outstanding Tour Managers to look after them.

There was quite a range of skill and ability among Kate’s dance students, something we took into consideration when planning workshops for them. In consultation with Kate, we scheduled several sections of different caliber for each workshop. This gave her the flexibility to match her students with the course that most closely matched their level of proficiency.

Kate was specific in that she wanted a variety of dance styles and settings for her workshops. Because we specialize in New York City, we were happy to oblige her with a list of dance schools and courses that took the students from Broadway to Harlem and had them learning techniques as foreign to their everyday instruction as you can imagine.

By the end of their visit, the teachers and students were raving about their experiences. The teachers were pleased that the students received challenging instruction appropriate for their skill level. They also thanked their Students On Broadway Tour NYC Managers for taking the stress of managing such a large group off of their shoulders.

Broadway Intensive

Mark / Musical Theatre Teacher

Mark teaches Musical Theatre in Scotland to a group of pre-professional students. This is his first time bringing a group to New York City. He wants his students to have practical training that will give them a leg up as they pursue a career in the performing arts.

Working with Mark was a lot of fun. Because it was his first time bringing a group to New York, he was understandably concerned that everything be done just right. His primary goal was to provide his students with the kind of professional experiences that only a city as enmeshed in the performing arts as New York can do.

We collaborated with our workshop partners to design a program with a clear progression. We began by exposing students to the many potential paths that await them in the performing arts. They had Q + A sessions with producers, choreographers and actors who shared their stories and answered specific questions that the students posed to them. We followed these sessions with Master Classes for stage and television acting with some of the most sought after coaches in the city. The whole series was rounded out with mock auditions in which the students received individual feedback about their performance.

One of the most valuable workshops opportunities we provide is one in which we link studio instruction with a Broadway or Off-Broadway musical that the group sees during their visit. Typically, an actor from the show teaches the workshop. The students learn music from the show followed by choreography and staging. The experience of connecting with a professional performer, using material to which students can connect during a live performance, is truly invaluable.

Unique Perspective

Greg / Music Teacher

Greg teaches music at a private school in southern England. He and his students take a trip to New York City every other year and many of them are regular visitors to the Big Apple. He wants a tour itinerary that will give them a fresh look at the city.
Greg had worked with the Students On Broadway NYC team for multiple NYC trips when he asked us for something new. As before, he wanted to include several Broadway workshops in the schedule, but apart from that he wanted activities that would surprise his seasoned travelers.

Because we live, work and play in the city that never sleeps, we are always keen to explore off the beaten path. Fortunately for us, New York City seems to turn out an infinite supply of new and exciting things to discover and do. So, when Greg told us to give him something he hadn’t done before, we got started right away. With input from Greg, we organized at least one activity per day that was outside the mainstream for New York tourism. In some cases, we took a common activity and made it uncommonly awesome. For example, many people take a ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty. For Greg’s group, we chartered a private yacht to carry them all around the New York City harbor with a catered lunch and a DJ spinning their favorite music. They’d never seen the Statue of Liberty like that before, and it was just one of the experiences from that trip to New York that they will never forget.

Though Greg’s budget was somewhat larger than we normally see for a typical school trip, that doesn’t mean we spent all of it. We’re not shy about the fact that we get better rates than our competitors for the same or better service. Even after we’d finished creating an itinerary packed to the brim with exceptional activities, we still had money left over.