Why Students On Broadway NYC?

  • We offer exceptionally competitive pricing
  • We “partner with our clients becoming their NYC extension
  • We are based in Midtown Manhattan- steps from Herald Square & the Empire State Building
  • We have a $5M Professional Liability Insurance policy
  • Our entire New York based Management Team are NYC Licensed Tour Guides/Managers
  • With backgrounds in Visual and Performing Arts, we understand the needs of Arts-Inspired Student Groups


Arts-Inspired Groups Are Our Passion.

Students On Broadway NYC combines two elements that parents and professional educators increasingly recognize as being core to a young person’s education: Travel and the Arts.

Today, nations across the globe encourage students to explore beyond their hometown. Traveling helps set the foundation for healthy adulthood in many ways, not least of which is by introducing students to new levels of individual responsibility and independence, and by exposing them to different cultures, creating more socially conscious citizens.

The Arts, especially the Performing Arts, are an ideal complement to education in Travel. Music, dance and drama contribute to a student’s overall education. Participating in an ensemble with a common goal equips young people with tools and hones skills that will empower them personally and professionally. The Performing Arts promote higher performance in communication, literacy, self-discipline and creativity and nurture emotional intelligence and self-confidence. Studying with craft professionals in a New York City studio, especially when the class content can be integrated with a Broadway show that the students will see, adds untold value to what is already a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Regardless of your group’s level of ability, a New York City tour program that incorporates the Arts offers an enhanced experience for students and teachers.